History of GLZBC

Reverend James D. Peters, Jr.

Rev. James D. Peters, Jr pastored Little Zion from 1955 until 1957. He graduated from Washington Baptist Theological Seminary, Washington, DC. Rev. Peters has said the following about his ministry at Little Zion: “I think often about Little Zion Church and remember fondly the two years which I spent there. I have had a very blessed ministry which has allowed me to preach all across this country, and serve many great churches, but it all started at Little Zion in Burke.” It was during his tenure that Little Zion began to have worship service every Sunday. Additionally, the church on Burke Lake Road was legally deeded and the land on which the church now stands on Zion Drive was marked “The Future Home of Little Zion Baptist Church.”
  Guided by the Holy Spirit and with much dedication, sacrifice and hard work. Little Zion was rebuilt, dedicated and renamed “Greater Little Zion Baptist Church” in 1964 under the leadership of Rev. P. James Preston, Sr. During his tenure, the church paid off its 20 year mortgage in 10 years, while retaining ownership of the original property on Burke Lake Road. In 1970, GLZBC was named “Church of the Year” by Virginia Union University. Rev Preston was one of the original organizers for the Hamilton Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Sideburn Civic Association. He served as Chaplain of the National Capital Chapter #2 of the Disabled Veterans and was active in Veterans’ Affairs.

Reverend P. James
Preston, Sr.

Rev. Preston served as pastor form 1958 until his retirement in 1976. He died October 9, 1988 at Veterans’ Hospital in Washington, DC. Rev. Bussey’s was the recipient of numerous awards for his services. Rev. Bussey left Little Zion to assume leadership of Bethesda Baptist Church. He faithfully was faithfully devoted to the cause of Christ for 35 years until his death.
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